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This page documents a Hypoverse global policy, this policy follows consensus and/or Staff guidelines. All Hypoverse users should follow it, and changes made to it should be discussed on the talk page.


Hypoverse's Counter Vandalism Team is a group of volunteers who help keep the network free of spam and vandalism and preventing it when possible. Anyone may help keep Hypoverse free of spam and vandalism; however, they must also work with members of the CVT and with staff members.

A brief summary would say that they are like global sysops (administrators), except they have many miscellaneous permissions to assist them.

They, however, cannot help in cases of "bad bureaucrats" as they do not have the permission to change user groups.

If you have an issue with a global block/lock made by a CVT member, or you need to request one please email cvt@hypoverse.com (which also gets redirected to all Staff members)

Local interference

CVTs should only act in their capacity on a local wiki if:

  • There is any clear indication of spam, vandalism, or any other type of disruption going on and the local sysops and bureaucrats have not dealt with it first.
  • The global abuse log shows attempted spam that hasn't been dealt with by local sysops or bureaucrats.
  • An official request to remove spam is requested by the member of the local community.

In any other case CVTs should not interfere with any wiki in their CVT capacity, and in doubt should leave the matter to a Staff member.

If there is consensus, a wiki can request to opt-out of CVT, which prevents CVT members from taking action on that wiki.

Technical Capacity

Members of CVT global group can do, among other things:

  • Search deleted pages
  • Lock or unlock global accounts
  • Check users' IP addresses and other information
  • Delete pages
  • Edit pages protected as "Allow only administrators"
  • Change protection levels and edit cascade-protected pages
  • Quickly rollback the edits of the last user who edited a particular page
  • Undelete a page


To be appointed CVT a request needs to be made at Requests for global rights. The community can discuss (support/oppose/abstain/comment) the request. The request will be considered successful if:

  • The supermajority is at least 80%.
  • A week has passed since the start of the vote.


The global community can initiate a vote of no confidence or a request for removal at any time. In order for it to pass it needs to:

  • The supermajority is at least 80%.
  • A week has passed since the start of the vote.

A vote of no confidence or request for removal must include a reason for why users are requesting the removal of a CVT member, and it is not determined solely by the number of votes.

CVT members who do not participate in CVT duties in some form (counter vandalism, locking abusive users, etc.) for 6 months will be deemed inactive and have their CVT rights revoked by a Staff member.

Once a CVT member has their rights revoked for any reason, they must make a successful request that satisfies the criteria above in order to regain the rights.

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