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This page documents a Hypoverse global policy, this policy follows consensus and/or Staff guidelines. All Hypoverse users should follow it, and changes made to it should be discussed on the talk page.


To contact a staff member, please visit the Staff's noticeboard, email staff@hypoverse.com, or directly contact one of the staff members listed at the bottom of this page.

Scope of responsibilities[edit]

Staff members are users with the permission and authority to use any part of the MediaWiki interface on any of Hypoverse's wikis. These are the users who will work with local communities to help resolve disputes, abusive or disruptive behavior as well as global issues such as disruptive behavior across multiple wikis. This includes the assignment of global and local user groups and routine administrator permissions (deleting, blocking, etc.) on local wikis and in a global sense (global blocking, locking accounts, renaming users, etc.) along with CheckUser and Oversight permissions.


Users may nominate themselves or other users to fulfill the Staff role, or the current Staff may call for an election if they, as a group, decide more Staff members are needed. After an accepted nomination, self-nomination, or Staff-requested election, all Hypoverse users will be allowed to comment on the nominee(s).

  • Users will be given an adequate time to comment on nominations.
  • Any issues raised should be acknowledged or fixed by the nominee.
  • If possible, any issues raised should be addressed before the closing of the nomination/election.
  • Users may Support — / Symbol neutral vote.svg Abstain — / Oppose — nominees, but this alone will not decide the outcome.
  • An existing Staff member will close the nomination/election after taking into consideration the arguments made, not just the support/oppose count.
  • For the nomination/election to be successful, there must be a supermajority of at least 80%.

Removal & Readdition of rights[edit]


Staff members who do not participate in the community in some form (responding to questions, dealing with issues, administrative tasks on Meta as a bare minimum) for 6 months will be deemed inactive and have their rights revoked. For the purpose of community, this includes all wikis connected to Hypoverse.

This is and should be seen as a pretty relaxed requirement. Like everyone else here, Staff members are volunteers. Staff should feel comfortable performing any of their responsibilities when it is possible for them to do so. Six months' time should be enough time for any Staff member logging in to acknowledge their responsibilities. This inactivity requirement is mainly to prevent having users with elevated access after they have moved on.

Readdition of rights[edit]

A staff member who lost their rights for any reason must successfully re-apply for rights again per the appointment section above.

Revocation of rights[edit]

Staff members can have their permission revoked through a vote of no confidence or a request for removal.

  • The person starting the vote or opening the request must provide a valid reason for the removal of Staff rights (mistrust, abuse, inactivity, etc.)
  • It has an 80% supermajority (the same amount required to appoint a Staff member).

After a successful vote, the staff member will either remove their own rights or have their rights removed by another staff member.

If Staff as a group feel that a user is intentionally calling for votes of no confidence or requests for removal without valid reasons, Staff may decide to ignore requests or votes started by said user. If there is actually an issue, another user may bring it up with the staff members.

Term length[edit]

  • Page last updated on 2020-02-05

Staff members' terms are not limited to a set time length. Users may call for a vote of non-confidence or request for removal at any time, as above.

Username Other rights
Infinite Storm N/A
Spooky N/A